From the WBLAHS Activities page :


Students traveling to/from after school events are expected to ride the bus if one is provided by the District.  In extenuating circumstances, parents can transport their child to/from the event by sending a detailed request by e-mail to their coach.  If parents are requesting that their child be transported to/from an event by another adult, then the Parent Release form must be completed and returned to the Activities Director before permission can  be granted.  In situations where the District is providing transportation, students are not permitted to drive themselves to that specific event.


1.   Parent transporting child to/from game.
        a. At least 24 hours in advance, request sent via email to Coach

        b.  Email must include student-athlete’s name, sport (soccer), team (varsity, JV, B-Squad, 9th grade), date of game, and
             reason for request.

2.   Parents requesting that their child be transported to/from game by another adult.
       a. Signed Form must be submitted to Activities Director, Brian Peloquin at least 24 hours in advance to the date.
            Request form